How to: Create a New Purpose

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

You can extend the Microsoft Dynamics AX organization model to create a custom purpose. A purpose defines how the organization hierarchy is used in application scenarios. For example, you can assign a hierarchy to a purpose, such as the Expenditure internal control purpose, to define policies for expense reports. The override and defaulting rules for policies on expense reports are based on the hierarchies that have the purpose of Expenditure internal control.

An organization can belong to several hierarchies. By assigning a hierarchy to a purpose you identify to the system how to find the correct hierarchy for applying policies.

In this topic you create a purpose named MyPurpose.

Create a New Base Enumerated Value

You create a new base enumerated value for your custom purpose by following these steps:

  1. Create a project named CustomPurpose. The project can be either private or shared.

    For information about how to create a project, see How to: Create a MorphX Development Project.

  2. Drag the AOT > Data Dictionary > Base Enums > HierarchyPurpose node onto the project node.

  3. Add an element named MyPurpose to the HierarchyPurpose enum. Under your project node right-click HierarchyPurpose, and then click New Element. In the Properties window, set the following properties:






    My purpose

Create a Method for a New Purpose

In this section you will create a method named addMyPurpose that resembles methods created for other types of purposes. For example, the addSecurityPurpose method was created for the security purpose.

  1. Locate OMHierarchyPurposeTableClass in the AOT > Classes node.

  2. Drag the AOT > Classes > OMHierarchyPurposeTableClass node onto the project node.

  3. Duplicate the addSecurityPurpose method by right-clicking the addSecurityPurpose node, and then clicking Duplicate. The AOT will create the CopyOfaddSecurityPurpose node.

  4. Replace the code for the CopyOfaddSecurityPurpose method with the following code. This renames the method.

    private static void addMyPurpose()
        OMHierPurposeOrgTypeMap omHPOTP;
        select RecId from omHPOTP
            where omHPOTP.HierarchyPurpose == HierarchyPurpose::MyPurpose;
        if (omHPOTP.RecId <= 0)
            omHPOTP.HierarchyPurpose = HierarchyPurpose::MyPurpose;
            omHPOTP.OperatingUnitType = OMOperatingUnitType::OMAnyOU;
            omHPOTP.IsLegalEntityAllowed = NoYes::No;
            omHPOTP.HierarchyPurpose = HierarchyPurpose::MyPurpose;
            omHPOTP.OperatingUnitType = 0;
            omHPOTP.IsLegalEntityAllowed = NoYes::Yes;

    The preceding code is similar to the code in most of the methods on the OMHierarchyPurposeTableClass class. The code was changed in only the places where the HierarchyPurpose enum values are referenced. In the code you can see three occurrences of HierarchyPurpose::MyPurpose.

  5. In the OMHierarchyPurposeTableClass class, update the populateHierarchyPurposeTable method to call the new method that you created. The following line of code should be added.




    The following code shows your modification to the populateHierarchyPurposeTable method, near the end of the method.

    public static void populateHierarchyPurposeTable()
        OMHierPurposeOrgTypeMap omHPOTP;
        if (omHPOTP.RecId <= 0)
                // We add the following line.

Review the Project

Now you have created all the items essential for this scenario, as shown in the following image.


The project that you have created

Use Your New Purpose Type

  1. In the Workspace window of your Microsoft Dynamics AX client, select DAT > Organization administration > Area page > Setup > Organization > Organization hierarchy purposes. For information about how to use the Organization hierarchy purposes form, see Create or modify an organization hierarchy.

    The form displays as shown in the following image.


    The new purpose that you create

  2. By using the toolbar on this form you can assign, remove, and view hierarchies for your new purpose.

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