Project budget revision (form)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Project management and accounting > Common > Projects > All projects. Select or open a project. Then, on the Action Pane, on the Plan tab, in the Budget group, click Project budget. In the Project budget form, on the Action Pane, on the Budget tab, in the Revise group, click New revision.

Use this form to make revisions to a previously approved project budget.


The left pane in the Projects form displays the parent project and its subprojects. If you select a subproject, the information in the Project budget revision form is about that subproject only. If you select the parent project, the form information is about the parent project and all its subprojects.

Tasks that use this form

Revise and submit a project budget

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.


This form may contain workflow buttons. For more information about workflow buttons, see Workflow actions.

Tabs (Action pane)




Allocate proposed budget revision amounts over a period of time. View and modify proposed budget revision allocations.


Export data to Microsoft Excel or view, open, or review attachments to the record.

Tabs (lower pane)




Enter, revise, or delete projected cost lines for the budget.


Enter, revise, or delete projected revenue lines for the budget.




Allocate budget

Set the parameters for a new allocation, allocate the budget revisions equally across the time periods that you select, and then open a form to review the allocation and, if you have to, adjust the amounts.

Hour forecast

Enter hour forecast transaction revisions for the project.

Expense forecast

Enter expense forecast transaction revisions for the project.

Item forecast

Enter item forecast transaction revisions for the project.

Fee forecast

Enter fee forecast transaction revisions for the project.

Project budget balances

Open the Project budget balances form to view the details of budgeted and actual revenues and costs for the project.

Export to Excel

Export information from the form into Microsoft Excel.


View documents that are already attached to a selected record, or attach documents to the selected record.


Submit the project budget revisions to workflow for approval.


The Submit button is only available when you create a new project budget revision.


Select the appropriate action for the project budget workflow. The options that are available depend on the workflow status and user permissions.

  • Approve – Approve the project budget revision.

  • Reject – Reject the project budget and return the proposal to the worker who created it.

  • Delegate – Assign the project budget approval function to another worker.

  • View history – View the workflow history of the project budget revision.

  • Resubmit – Resubmit the project budget revision for approval after you make changes that were requested when the project budget revision was rejected.

  • Recall – Permanently stop the workflow and cancel the proposed revisions.


The Actions button appears after a project budget has been submitted.


Add a cost or revenue transaction line to the project original budget.


Delete a transaction line from the project budget.

Modify uncommitted allocation

Modify the allocation for a project budget revision that has not been submitted.




Revision ID

The project budget revision ID that was generated by the system.

External reference

Enter information to track any document or any artifact that is related to the revision.

Revision date

Enter the time and date of the project budget revision.


Enter a name for the project budget revision.

Requested date

Enter the time and date when a response to the project budget revision is expected by.

Revision workflow status

The status of a project budget revision in workflow.


Select whether a customer, worker, or vendor is the source for the budget revision.


The selection that you make in this field affects the options in the Requested by field.

Requested by

Select the name of the customer or vendor who is responsible for the budget revision.


The project ID of the project for which the budget revision is being created.


Select a project activity for the cost or revenue transaction.

Transaction type

Select the transaction type for the cost or revenue transaction.


Select the category for the cost or revenue transaction.

Previous approved budget

The amount in the previously approved budget for the cost or revenue transaction.

Revision amount

Enter a revision amount for the cost or revenue transaction.

To reduce an approved amount, enter a negative amount.

New budget

The sum of the previously approved budget amounts and the revisions that have not yet been approved.

Total previous approved budget

The sum of all previously approved amounts for the project.

Total budget revision

The sum of all the budget revisions.

New total budget

The sum of all previously approved budget amounts for the project in addition to the revisions.

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