Take tests in Windows 10

Applies to:

  • Windows 10

Many schools use online testing for formative and summative assessments. It's critical that students use a secure browser that prevents them from using other computer or Internet resources during the test. The Take a Test app in Windows 10 creates the right environment for taking a test:

  • Take a Test shows just the test and nothing else.
  • Take a Test clears the clipboard.
  • Students aren’t able to go to other websites.
  • Students can’t open or access other apps.
  • Students can't share, print, or record their screens unless enabled by the teacher or IT administrator
  • Students can’t change settings, extend their display, see notifications, get updates, or use autofill features.
  • Cortana is turned off.

How to use Take a Test

Set up and user flow for the Take a Test app.

There are several ways to configure devices for assessments, depending on your use case:

  • For higher stakes testing such as mid-term exams, you can set up a device with a dedicated testing account and URL.
  • For lower stakes assessments such as a quick quiz in a class, you can quickly create and distribute the assessment URL through any method of your choosing.
  1. Configure an assessment URL and a dedicated testing account

    In this configuration, a user signs into in to the account and the Take a Test app automatically launches the pre-configured assessment URL in Microsoft Edge in a single-app, kiosk mode. A student will never have access to the desktop in this configuration. We recommend this configuration for high stakes testing.

    There are different methods to configure the assessment URL and a dedicated testing account depending on whether you're setting up Take a Test on a single PC or multiple PCs.

  • For a single PC

    You can use the Windows 10 Settings application. For more info, see Set up Take a Test on a single PC.

  • For multiple PCs

    You can use any of these methods:

    • Mobile device management (MDM) or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

    • A provisioning package created in Windows Configuration Designer

    • Group Policy to deploy a scheduled task that runs a Powershell script

      Beginning with Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703), you can also configure Take a Test using these options:

    • Set up School PCs app

    • Intune for Education

      For more info about these methods, see Set up Take a Test on multiple PCs.

  1. Create and distribute the assessment URL through the web, email, OneNote, or any other method

    This allows teachers and test administrators an easier way to deploy assessments quickly and simply. We recommend this method for lower stakes assessments. You can also create shortcuts to distribute the link.

    You can enable this using a schema activation.

How to exit Take a Test

To exit the Take a Test app at any time, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

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