SqlServerDesignEventId SqlServerDesignEventId Enum


Values that are used as the eventId when logging messages from the SQL Server Design Entity Framework Core components.

public enum SqlServerDesignEventId
Public Enum SqlServerDesignEventId


CannotInterpretComputedValue CannotInterpretComputedValue

Cannot interpret computed value.

CannotInterpretDefaultValue CannotInterpretDefaultValue

Cannot interpret default value.

ColumnNameEmptyOnForeignKey ColumnNameEmptyOnForeignKey

Column name empty on foreign key.

ColumnNameEmptyOnIndex ColumnNameEmptyOnIndex

Column name empty on index.

ColumnNameEmptyOnTable ColumnNameEmptyOnTable

Column name empty on table.

ColumnNotInSelectionSet ColumnNotInSelectionSet

Column not in selection set.

DataTypeDoesNotAllowSqlServerIdentityStrategy DataTypeDoesNotAllowSqlServerIdentityStrategy

Data type does not allow SQL Server identity strategy.

ForeignKeyColumnNotInSelectionSet ForeignKeyColumnNotInSelectionSet

Foreign key column not in selection set.

ForeignKeyNameEmpty ForeignKeyNameEmpty

Foreign key name empty.

FoundColumn FoundColumn

Found column.

FoundDefaultSchema FoundDefaultSchema

Found default schema.

FoundForeignKeyColumn FoundForeignKeyColumn

Found foreign key column.

FoundIndexColumn FoundIndexColumn

Found index column.

FoundSequence FoundSequence

Found sequence.

FoundTable FoundTable

Found table.

FoundTypeAlias FoundTypeAlias

Found type alias.

IndexColumnNotInSelectionSet IndexColumnNotInSelectionSet

Index column not in selection set.

IndexNameEmpty IndexNameEmpty

Index name empty.

PrincipalTableNotInSelectionSet PrincipalTableNotInSelectionSet

Principal table not in selection set.

SequenceNameEmpty SequenceNameEmpty

Sequence name empty.

TableNotInSelectionSet TableNotInSelectionSet

Table not in selection set.

UnableToFindColumnForForeignKey UnableToFindColumnForForeignKey

Unable to find column for foreign key.

UnableToFindColumnForIndex UnableToFindColumnForIndex

Unable to find column for index.

UnableToFindTableForColumn UnableToFindTableForColumn

Unable to find table for column.

UnableToFindTableForIndex UnableToFindTableForIndex

Unable to find table for index.