IMutableIndex IMutableIndex Interface


Represents an index on a set of properties.

This interface is used during model creation and allows the metadata to be modified. Once the model is built, IIndex represents a ready-only view of the same metadata.

public interface IMutableIndex : IIndex, IMutableAnnotatable, IAnnotatable
Public Interface IMutableIndex
    Inherits IIndex, IMutableAnnotatable


DeclaringEntityType DeclaringEntityType

Gets the entity type the index is defined on. This may be different from the type that Properties are defined on when the index is defined a derived type in an inheritance hierarchy (since the properties may be defined on a base type).

IMutableEntityType DeclaringEntityType { get; }
ReadOnly Property DeclaringEntityType As IMutableEntityType

IsUnique IsUnique

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the values assigned to the indexed properties are unique.

bool IsUnique { get; set; }
Property IsUnique As Boolean
System.Boolean System.Boolean

Item[String] Item(String)

Gets or sets the value of the annotation with the given name.

(Inherited from IMutableAnnotatable)

Properties Properties

Gets the properties that this index is defined on.

IReadOnlyList<IMutableProperty> Properties { get; }
ReadOnly Property Properties As IReadOnlyList(Of IMutableProperty)
System.Collections.Generic.IReadOnlyList<IMutableProperty> System.Collections.Generic.IReadOnlyList(Of IMutableProperty)


AddAnnotation(String, Object) AddAnnotation(String, Object)

Adds an annotation to this object. Throws if an annotation with the specified name already exists.

(Inherited from IMutableAnnotatable)

FindAnnotation(String) FindAnnotation(String)

Gets the annotation with the given name, returning null if it does not exist.

(Inherited from IMutableAnnotatable)

GetAnnotations() GetAnnotations()

Gets all annotations on the current object.

(Inherited from IMutableAnnotatable)

RemoveAnnotation(String) RemoveAnnotation(String)

Removes the given annotation from this object.

(Inherited from IMutableAnnotatable)