IMutableNavigation IMutableNavigation Interface


Represents a navigation property which can be used to navigate a relationship.

This interface is used during model creation and allows the metadata to be modified. Once the model is built, INavigation represents a ready-only view of the same metadata.

public interface IMutableNavigation : INavigation, IMutablePropertyBase, IPropertyBase, IMutableAnnotatable, IAnnotatable
Public Interface IMutableNavigation
    Inherits INavigation, IMutablePropertyBase


ClrType ClrType

Inherited from IPropertyBase

DeclaringEntityType DeclaringEntityType

Gets the type that this property belongs to.

IMutableEntityType DeclaringEntityType { get; }
ReadOnly Property DeclaringEntityType As IMutableEntityType

DeclaringType DeclaringType

Inherited from IMutablePropertyBase

FieldInfo FieldInfo

Inherited from IPropertyBase

ForeignKey ForeignKey

Gets the foreign key that defines the relationship this navigation property will navigate.

IMutableForeignKey ForeignKey { get; }
ReadOnly Property ForeignKey As IMutableForeignKey

IsShadowProperty IsShadowProperty

Inherited from IPropertyBase

Item[String] Item(String)

Inherited from IMutableAnnotatable

Name Name

Inherited from IPropertyBase

PropertyInfo PropertyInfo

Inherited from IPropertyBase


AddAnnotation(String, Object) AddAnnotation(String, Object)

Inherited from IMutableAnnotatable

FindAnnotation(String) FindAnnotation(String)

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GetAnnotations() GetAnnotations()

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RemoveAnnotation(String) RemoveAnnotation(String)

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