ITypeBase ITypeBase Interface


Represents a type in an IModel.

public interface ITypeBase : IAnnotatable
Public Interface ITypeBase
    Inherits IAnnotatable


ClrType ClrType

Gets the CLR class that is used to represent instances of this type. Returns null if the type does not have a corresponding CLR class (known as a shadow type).

Shadow types are not currently supported in a model that is used at runtime with a DbContext. Therefore, shadow types will only exist in migration model snapshots, etc.

Type ClrType { get; }
ReadOnly Property ClrType As Type
System.Type System.Type

Item[String] Item(String)

Inherited from IAnnotatable

Model Model

Gets the model that this type belongs to.

IModel Model { get; }
ReadOnly Property Model As IModel
IModel IModel

Name Name

Gets the name of this type.

string Name { get; }
ReadOnly Property Name As String
System.String System.String


FindAnnotation(String) FindAnnotation(String)

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GetAnnotations() GetAnnotations()

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