ModelExtensions ModelExtensions Class


Extension methods for IModel.

public static class ModelExtensions
Public Module ModelExtensions


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FindEntityType(IModel, Type) FindEntityType(IModel, Type)

Gets the entity that maps the given entity class. Returns null if no entity type with the given name is found.

GetChangeTrackingStrategy(IModel) GetChangeTrackingStrategy(IModel)

Gets the default change tracking strategy being used for entities in the model. This strategy indicates how the context detects changes to properties for an instance of an entity type.

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GetPropertyAccessMode(IModel) GetPropertyAccessMode(IModel)

Gets the PropertyAccessMode being used for properties of entity types in this model. Null indicates that the default property access mode is being used.

Note that individual entity types can override this access mode, and individual properties of entity types can override the access mode set on the entity type. The value returned here will be used for any property for which no override has been specified.

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