Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Query.Expressions Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Query.Expressions Namespace


AggregateExpression AggregateExpression

Base class for aggregate expressions.

AliasExpression AliasExpression

An alias expression.

ColumnExpression ColumnExpression

A column expression.

CountExpression CountExpression

Represents a SQL COUNT expression.

CrossJoinExpression CrossJoinExpression

Represents a SQL CROSS JOIN expression.

DiscriminatorPredicateExpression DiscriminatorPredicateExpression

Represents a discriminator predicate.

ExistsExpression ExistsExpression

Represents a SQL EXISTS expression.

ExplicitCastExpression ExplicitCastExpression

Represents a SQL CAST expression.

FromSqlExpression FromSqlExpression

Represents a FromSql expression.

InExpression InExpression

Represents a SQL IN expression.

InnerJoinExpression InnerJoinExpression

Represents a SQL INNER JOIN expression.

IsNullExpression IsNullExpression

Represents a SQL IS NULL expression.

JoinExpressionBase JoinExpressionBase

A base class for SQL JOIN expressions.

LateralJoinExpression LateralJoinExpression

Represents a SQL LATERAL JOIN expression.

LeftOuterJoinExpression LeftOuterJoinExpression

Represents a SQL LEFT OUTER JOIN expression.

LikeExpression LikeExpression

Represents a SQL LIKE expression.

MaxExpression MaxExpression

Represents a SQL MAX aggregate expression.

MinExpression MinExpression

Represents a SQL MIN aggregate expression.

NotNullableExpression NotNullableExpression

Reducible annotation expression used to affect null expansion logic.

PropertyParameterExpression PropertyParameterExpression

An expression that represents accessing a property on a query parameter.

SelectExpression SelectExpression

Represents a SQL SELECT expression.

SelectExpressionFactory SelectExpressionFactory

A SelectExpression factory.

SqlFunctionExpression SqlFunctionExpression

Represents a SQL function call expression.

StringCompareExpression StringCompareExpression

Represents a SQL string comparison expression.

SumExpression SumExpression

Represents a SQL SUM expression.

TableExpression TableExpression

Represents a SQL table expression.

TableExpressionBase TableExpressionBase

A base class for SQL table expressions.


ISelectExpressionFactory ISelectExpressionFactory

A factory for SelectExpression instances.