DatabaseProvider<TProviderServices, TOptionsExtension> DatabaseProvider(Of TProviderServices, TOptionsExtension) Class


The primary point where a database provider can tell EF that it has been selected for the current context and provide the services required for it to function.

This type is typically used by database providers (and other extensions). It is generally not used in application code.

public class DatabaseProvider<TProviderServices, TOptionsExtension> : IDatabaseProvider where TProviderServices : class, IDatabaseProviderServices where TOptionsExtension : class, IDbContextOptionsExtension
Public Class DatabaseProvider(Of TProviderServices As {Class, IDatabaseProviderServices}, TOptionsExtension As {Class, IDbContextOptionsExtension})
    Implements IDatabaseProvider
Type Parameters

The base set of services required by EF for the database provider to function.


The type of options that the database provider will add to Extensions to identify that is has been selected (and to store its database specific settings).

DatabaseProvider<TProviderServices, TOptionsExtension>DatabaseProvider(Of TProviderServices, TOptionsExtension)


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GetProviderServices(IServiceProvider) GetProviderServices(IServiceProvider)

Gets the base set of services required by EF for the database provider to function.

public virtual IDatabaseProviderServices GetProviderServices(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
Public Overridable Function GetProviderServices(serviceProvider As IServiceProvider) As IDatabaseProviderServices
System.IServiceProvider System.IServiceProvider

The service provider to resolve services from.


The services for this database provider.

GetType() GetType()

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IsConfigured(IDbContextOptions) IsConfigured(IDbContextOptions)

Gets a value indicating whether this database provider has been selected for a given context.

public virtual bool IsConfigured(IDbContextOptions options)
Public Overridable Function IsConfigured(options As IDbContextOptions) As Boolean
IDbContextOptions IDbContextOptions

The options for the context.

System.Boolean System.Boolean

True if the database provider has been selected, otherwise false.

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