IRelationalValueBufferFactory IRelationalValueBufferFactory Interface


Creates instances of the ValueBuffer type. An IRelationalValueBufferFactory is tied to a particular result shape and will only create value buffers for that result shape. Instances for different result shapes are created by IRelationalValueBufferFactoryFactory.

This type is typically used by database providers (and other extensions). It is generally not used in application code.

public interface IRelationalValueBufferFactory
Public Interface IRelationalValueBufferFactory


Create(DbDataReader) Create(DbDataReader)

Creates a value buffer for the given System.Data.Common.DbDataReader.

ValueBuffer Create(DbDataReader dataReader)
Function Create(dataReader As DbDataReader) As ValueBuffer
System.Data.Common.DbDataReader System.Data.Common.DbDataReader

The reader to create a value buffer for.


The newly created value buffer.