What's New in EF6

We highly recommend that you use the latest released version of Entity Framework to ensure you get the latest features and the highest stability. However, we realize that you may need to use a previous version, or that you may want to experiment with new improvements in the latest pre-release. To install specific versions of EF, see Get Entity Framework.

This page documents the features that are included on each new release.

Recent releases

EF Tools Update in Visual Studio 2017 15.7

In May 2018, we released an updated version of the EF Tools as part of Visual Studio 2017 15.7. It includes improvements for some common pain points:

  • Fixes for several user interface accessibility bugs
  • Workaround for SQL Server performance regression when generating models from existing databases #4
  • Support for updating models for larger models on SQL Server #185

Another improvement in this new version of EF Tools is that it installs the EF 6.2 runtime when creating a model in a new project. With older versions of Visual Studio, it is possible to use the EF 6.2 runtime (as well as any past version of EF) by installing the corresponding version of the NuGet package.

EF 6.2 Runtime

The EF 6.2 runtime was released to NuGet in October of 2017. Thanks in great part to the efforts our community of open source contributors, EF 6.2 includes numerous bugs fixes and product enhancements.

Here is a brief list of the most important changes affecting the EF 6.2 runtime:

  • Reduce start up time by loading finished code first models from a persistent cache #275
  • Fluent API to define indexes #274
  • DbFunctions.Like() to enable writing LINQ queries that translate to LIKE in SQL #241
  • Migrate.exe now supports -script option #240
  • EF6 can now work with key values generated by a sequence in SQL Server #165
  • Update list of transient errors for SQL Azure Execution Strategy #83
  • Bug: Retrying queries or SQL commands fails with "The SqlParameter is already contained by another SqlParameterCollection" #81
  • Bug: Evaluation of DbQuery.ToString() frequently times out in the debugger #73

Future Releases

For information on future version of EF6, please look at our Roadmap.

Past Releases

The Past Releases page contains an archive of all previous versions of EF and the major features that were introduced on each release.