What is Enterprise Graph by Microsoft?

Enterprise Graph by Microsoft enables you to build knowledge graphs that provide deeper insight into your business data. Bring many sources of data together to create one aggregate picture of your business knowledge, organized in entities and an ontology that you can customize for your business needs. Query the graph through free text search or the SPARQL graph query language.


Enterprise Graph is currently available on a restricted basis. If you think it's a good fit for your business and use cases, please contact us and we'd love to talk.

Key capabilities

  • Create a graph with customized entities for your specific business needs
  • Combine multiple data sources to create one consistent graph of knowledge and relationships
  • Answer complex queries based on aggregated knowledge
  • Infuse knowledge across your business applications through graph-search and free-text APIs

Getting started

Check out the quickstart to create your first graph, and then dive into creating your own system.