Microsoft Security - Microsoft Threat Protection Trial Experience

What is Microsoft Threat Protection?

Our customers have told us they worry about the growing volume and sophistication of the threat landscape, the expanding attack surface, and the difficulty of making intelligent decisions quickly and cost-effectively. These customer concerns led to the development of Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) and the services of this broad solution are designed to work collectively to help solve our customer’s pain points. Microsoft Threat Protection helps secure the modern workplace across its entire attack surface, securing identities, endpoints, cloud apps, and infrastructure.

MTP trial experience

MTP offers the ability to experience the full Microsoft threat protection solution which includes:

Customers who want to try Microsoft Threat Protection can do so for 30 days and up to 250 users on your tenant.

How to access the MTP trial

To start your trial now, go to the Identity and Threat Protection trial page.

When you use the link, it will grant you access to the Identity and Threat Protection Trial license that allows you to try the full MTP experience.

How to get started

We recommend you activate your MTP trial by setting up and configuring the MTP components in the following order:

  1. Azure Active Directory (Use the Azure AD Premium set-up wizard for instructions.)
  2. Exchange Online
  3. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  4. Microsoft Cloud App Security
  5. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  6. Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  7. Azure Security Center

For detailed instructions about setting up the components of your MTP trial listed in steps 2-7, use our MTP trial guide. We also recommend that you work closely with your account team.