Step 4 - Plan for Software as a Service mobile device management


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The last step in designing a complete mobile device management strategy is to determine the requirements for the Software as a Service (SaaS) device management solution that you'll use to support mobile devices in your organization. In this step, we’ll examine SaaS platform types, characteristics such as scalability and accessibility, mobile device management connectivity, and integration with your on-premises infrastructure.

More and more, organizations are starting to take advantage of the features and power of cloud computing infrastructure solutions to deliver services and applications to users. SaaS allows user and device services, applications, and activities to be centrally managed from a single location, regardless of the location of the user or device. If your organization is currently using (or planning to implement) SaaS services, it’s important to define how the solution will deliver these services to mobile devices in your organization and integrate with (or even replace) your on-premises mobile device management platform.

In some cases, SaaS solution decisions may be completely separate or just a small part of how mobile devices will be managed in your organization. However, understanding the overall impact of the SaaS solution as it relates to managing mobile devices is an important part deploying a complete mobile device management solution. You need to go over these key aspects of the SaaS solution to understand what it is a current requirement and what your organization plans for the future. If you don’t have the vision to define a long-term strategy for managing mobile devices and integration with cloud services adoption, your mobile device management solution may not be scalable as your organization’s business needs change.

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