DataDirector App.Config

Various Data Director settings can be configured in the applications App.config file following standard .Net configuration criteria.

This file is located at <C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Twc\Wer\DataDirector\Microsoft.Twc.DataDirector.exe.config>.

XML Copy Code

    <!--<add key="TraceLevel" value="4" />-->
    <!-- Set MaxDegreeOfParallelism to 12 * logical cpu count -->
    <add key="MaxDegreeOfParallelism" value="24" />
    <!--<proxy autoDetect="false" bypassonlocal="false" proxyaddress="" usesystemdefault="false" />
        <!-- Set maxconnection to 12 * logical cup count -->
        <add address="*" maxconnection="24" /> 
    <!-- Set maxWorkerThread static to 100 -->
    <!-- Set maxIOThreads static to 100 -->
    <!-- Set minWorkerThreads static to 50 -->
    <processModel maxWorkerThreads="100" maxIoThreads="100" minWorkerThreads="50"/>

    <!-- Set minFreeThreads to 88 * logical cpu count -->
    <!-- Set minLocalRequestFreeThreads to 76 * logical cpu count -->
    <httpRuntime minFreeThreads="176" minLocalRequestFreeThreads="152"/>

Enabling Trace

Trace can be enabled by uncommenting out the “TraceLevel” key. A log file will be created in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Twc\Wer\DataDirector directory.

Adding a Proxy Server

A proxy server can be added to the data director by uncommenting out the proxy section, and changing the proxyAddress to your proxy and port.


MaxDegreeOfParallelism is configured at 12 * logical cpu count on the collector. This setting controls how many simultaneous logs and cabs will attempt to be forwarded at a time. This number should be equal to or less than maxconnections.


Maxconnections is configured at 12 * logical cpu count on the collector. This settings controls how many simultaneous outbound TCP connections will be made when trying to forward data. This number should be equal to or greater than the MaxDegreeOfParallelism, however should be limited to 12 * logical cpu count.


maxWorkerThreads should be statically configured to 100.


maxIoThreads should be statically configured to 100.


minWorkerThreads should be statically configured to 50.

minFreeThreads and minLocalRequestFreeThreads

These settings should be configured simultaneously and remain constant together.

minFreeThreads = 88 * logical CPU count minLocalRequestFreeThreads = 76 * logical CPU count