ETD Telemetry Database Schema

The ETD Telemetry database schema is basic and easy to familiarize yourself with. There are only two tables in the current version. The database can be used to develope highly intuitive dashboards and reports about application health in your environment.


This table is a dynamically built list of EventTypes the collector has received events for. This table is to be used in conjunction with queries against the StageOne table.


This table contains all the data from the inital S1 events, and some additional information collected by the service.

Columns Available:

  • StageOneId = Primary Key
  • EventReceivedDate = Date-time of WER event reaching collector server
  • EventDate = Event Time-Date from WER event
  • EventType = EventType of WER event. Not all event types collect cab files. To be joined against dbo.EventType
  • EventTypeFriendly = EventTypeFriendly name of WER event
  • Param0 = Parameter 0 from WER event. This is always the crashing process name in the majority of events. This value is used by other features of the product.
  • Param1-9 = Optional parameters from the WER event
  • MachineName = MachineName of WER event
  • MachineIP = MachineIP of WER event
  • MachineOEM = MachineOEM of WER event
  • MachineOSVer = MachineOSVer of WER event
  • AppName = APPNAME of WER. This will either be a process name, or the friendly name of an executable depending on the actions taken by the developer.
  • AppPath = AppPath of WER event
  • AppCompany = AppCompany of WER event
  • PlatformVer = Window OS Version
  • UserName = Username WER event process was executed as
  • CabSize = Cab file size, updated when cab arrives at collector. Is NULL if no cab received.
  • WasThrottled = boolean value whether or not event was throttled based off throttling policy.