AI for Earth : Analyzing Global Data with Azure

with Jennifer Marsman

Microsoft has publicly committed $50 million over 5 years for artificial intelligence projects that support clean water, agriculture, climate, and biodiversity. But our true vision extends beyond a grant program: our data science team is working with partners and nonprofits to build a set of APIs to transform these environmental issues. Imagine machine learning models exposed through services which could differentiate between various species of animal for conservation purposes, predict agricultural yields, estimate the probability of floods, super resolve climate predictions, or classify aerial and satellite imagery into actionable maps of natural resources that could empower land use planners to optimize the use of our planet’s scarce resources. In this session, we will share an initial set of APIs in private preview, as well as demonstrate the process whereby additional APIs can be added to the growing portfolio of AI for Earth APIs. Join us to learn about APIs that could literally change the way society monitors, models, and ultimately manages Earth’s life support systems.

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