Azure PaaS and Cloud Native Development

with Brady Gaster, Jeff Hollan, Mandy Whaley, Paul Yuknewicz, Scott Hunter

Join Scott Hunter and friends as they explore the future of PaaS and Cloud Native Development on Azure. We will show off a new developer based CLI that makes it easy to go from GitHub directly in Azure no matter the language. You will see how to use the Dapr framework to make best practice & cloud resilient applications across multiple languages, how to host these applications on our newest Azure Container Apps, and how Azure API Management enables these same services to be used by the low code Power Platform. With a hint of how we will build future PaaS as a unified platform for developers.

On-demand: OD100 | English (US)

This session was delivered as part of the Microsoft Build 2022 event. Discover and watch more on-demand videos from Microsoft Build 2022