Using AI With Documents: Syntex, AI Builder & Azure Cognitive Services

with Cedrick Bellarosa, Neta Haiby, Sean Squires

In this session you'll learn how to take advantage of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence from Microsoft, including Research, Azure Cognitive Services, Power Platform, and Microsoft 365, to build applications that process documents, extract metadata, and more. Whether you are building a solution using SharePoint Syntex on Microsoft 365, you're a citizen developer using AI Builder and Power Platform, or you're building a completely custom app in Visual Studio directly calling services from Azure, you'll see the latest innovations from Microsoft for document processing. Best of all, you’ll come to understand how to use all of these capabilities together to create stunning new experiences for managing content.

On-demand: OD37 | English (US)

This session was delivered as part of the Microsoft Build 2022 event. Discover and watch more on-demand videos from Microsoft Build 2022


  • Cedrick Bellarosa
  • Neta Haiby
  • Sean Squires | LinkedIn: seansquires

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