From VS Code to Azure Red Hat OpenShift Sparking Joy with Quarkus

with edson Yanaga

"Kubernetes/OpenShift is awesome, but there are so many things between code and production that sometimes it looks challenging. What about making it easy with something that sparks joy? Then Meet Quarkus: Supersonic, Subatomic Java. Join us on this talk and learn how millisecond development reload works, and how the superfast time-to-first-response (yes, boot time is misleading), minimal memory footprint, and Kubernetes-native features can make your Kubernetes/OpenShift deployment spark joy. We'll create a Quarkus app from scratch using VS Code, sprinkle a lot of best practices on top of it (including some amazing extensions to prevent us from writing YAML and creating containers), and deploy it on Azure Red Hat OpenShift in the blink of an eye.