Welcome & Opening Keynotes

with Julia Liuson, Bruno Borges, lx-Chel Ruiz

Thanks for being here! Join host Bruno Borges for the event's opening, followed by two keynotes.

Julia Liuson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President

Microsoft's Open Source Languages Journey

Join Julia Liuson, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft's Developer Division, for an overview of lessons learned in contributing to programming language communities over the years, Microsoft's recent contributions to the Java ecosystem, and their vision for future partnership with the Java community.

 lx-Chel Ruiz, Senior Software Engineer, Karakun AG

"Unpredictable World"

Today we stand on a changed world  where the ability to deal with the unexpected is not only desired but indispensable, because the unexpected is becoming the norm. How should we address the future? What kind of thinking is going to help us? What sort of talents, ideas, actions must we be sure to acquire and adopt?