Why Java EE Developers are First-Class Citizens on Azure

with Reza Rahman

Java EE, and its functionally compatible evolution Jakarta EE, are important technologies for Microsoft to support on Azure! Enterprise Java is a heterogenous ecosystem with as much as a third of workloads still running on Java EE application servers such as WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss EAP and WildFly. Today, large enterprises want to lift and shift their existing mission-critical, largely monolithic applications to a cloud. For cloud vendors this provides a unique challenge due to the sheer architectural variety of Java EE applications. This session will outline the work that our Java teams have been doing, the challenges we face and how we overcame them. We will touch on the history of the open-standard enterprise Java movement and why open standards are and remain important to enterprises and therefore to Azure! We will discuss what is possible now, what is coming soon and what is further afield. This includes services, tools and guidance to better support Java EE customers opting for virtual machines, or Kubernetes, or a PaaS such as App Service. We will give some behind the scenes details on how we supported technologies like JMS on Azure Service Bus and will cover some advice on how you can prepare to move your Java EE application to the cloud. 

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