Designing Your Application to Scale

Learn the concepts, benefits and challenges of scale-out application design. Partitioning your app, your data, introducing the concept of roles and dealing with inconsistent state across the system are all topics we cover. We use a lot of examples of how we've built several of the cloud services, the patterns that have emerged from different scenarios, as well as tell you how to get going on this with your application today.

  • Max Feingold
    Max Feingold is a development manager at Microsoft, building frameworks for scalability and loosely-coupled messaging. His team’s vision is to make it incredibly easy for developers to build highly scalable web services. Max has been with Microsoft since 1999, working as a developer on COM, COM+ and Transactions. He shipped COM and COM+ in Windows 2000, XP and 2003, and led the development of the transactional stack underneath the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF/Indigo). He also worked towards standardizing the WS-Transactions family of interoperability protocols. Max is a native of Cortegana, Spain and received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University.