Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile: Developing for Mobile Devices

Wouldn't it be super cool if the Silverlight apps you build for the desktop can now run on Millions of Mobile Devices ? If you have been building Silverlight applications and are wondering how to extend them mobile devices, this is just the right session for you. In this session, filled with some very cool demos you will not only learn how to extend your existing Silverlight 2 applications to work on Windows Mobile but also learn how to build rich mobile Silverlight apps that play media, handle simple gestures, have cool animations, and web services. We will also talk about tooling enhancements in Visual Studio that support Silverlight app development on Windows Mobile, what to consider when delivering eye-popping UI on mobile, and help you understand the key differences from developing Silverlight apps for the desktop.

  • Amit Chopra
  • Giorgio Sardo
    Giorgio Sardo is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Corporation. Moving from Italy to the United Kingdom, Giorgio studied at Polytechnic of Turin and successfully obtained a Master of Computer Engineering with distinction. For four years he has been a Microsoft Student Partner Lead, leading a national university community forum. In 2007 he started working in Microsoft UK as User Experience Consultant, delivering stunning solutions based on Silverlight, WPF and Silverlight for Mobile. Later 2008 Giorgio will move to Redmond, to work as Technical Evangelist for Web Technologies (ASP.NET, IE8, ...).