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Tune in on Learn TV over the next several weeks to get your questions answered LIVE by Microsoft Ignite speakers! Whether you attended a session live, or are simply interested in engaging with others around a specific topic, Ask the Expert is a great way to connect directly with the Microsoft Ignite speakers.

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  • December 2 @ 12pm PT

    Microsoft Certifications

    Get the latest updates and have your Microsoft Certification questions answered by our panel of experts. We'll cover available Microsoft Certification exams, how to keep your skills and certifications current, and tips and tricks on how to best leverage your certification.

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  • December 3 @ 10am PT

    Seamless External Collaboration with Teams Connect

    Microsoft Teams Connect streamlines external collaboration. With shared channels, you will be able to create a shared workspace for internal and external stakeholders, right from your Teams account. Get an update on the new capabilities and experiences the team is working on, and get your questions answered live.

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  • December 6 @ 10am PT

    Windows 11 Deployment

    Get answers to your questions and help with proven tips for planning for and deploying Windows 11 across your organization. We'll have product and engineering experts representing Windows, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Edge, FastTrack, App Assure, Test Base for Microsoft 365, and Universal Print--all in one place!

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  • December 13 @ 10am PT

    Video and Microsoft Stream in M365

    Office Media Group is bringing video to M365 via Stream. Our vision is to make video as easy to create, consume, edit, share, and manage as text and documents. Join us to see what's new in Stream and get your questions in about how to improve hybrid work with video.

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  • December 17 @ 10am PT

    Quickly Deploy Frontline Workers with Onboarding Wizard

    Found in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, Onboarding Wizard guides you through 3 easy steps to create the right team structure and apply the correct licenses and policy packages to get your frontline workforce up and running quickly- creating a superior workforce interaction experience across the organization. Come get your questions answered live by the team.

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Watch Past Episodes On Demand

  • Big Data Analytics with Power BI

    Learn how to harness the power of big data using Power BI. Join live to get your questions answered!

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  • Windows 365 Adoption

    Let our engineering and product teams answer your questions about adopting Windows 365 to deliver great Windows experiences in the cloud--on any device. From supporting Windows 11 adoption to integrating with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, we're here to help you with your Cloud PC journey!

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  • Process Advisor- Process and Task Mining

    Take the guesswork out of the inefficiencies in your workflows. Join to learn more about process and task mining or have questions about Process Advisor and how it can help you and your business.

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  • Getting Started Programming

    Whether you're just launching your career or making the leap into programming from another field- Christina Warren and Cecil Phillip will show you the docs, tools, and frameworks that can help beginners get started on coding today as they take your questions.

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  • Modernize Apps, Build SaaS Offers, and Scale

    Learn how you can modernize your solutions and build your SaaS offering leveraging our latest investments in Azure. Our engineers will help you build and scale your solution by taking your questions live.

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  • Managing Access for all Applications with Azure AD

    We'll discuss bringing the different types of applications to be managed by Azure AD SSO for achieving our zero trust approach to the tools and services that the business uses. Join live to get your questions answered.

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  • Empower Your Organization with Power Platform

    Come ask experts on the Power Platform team about the tips and tricks for how to empower your organization to build more solutions with Power Platform and the return to the workplace solution.

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