Real World: SharePoint Customisation – Developer vs. IT Pro

with Jeremy Thake, Mark Rhodes

Find out what happens when Microsoft SharePoint MVPs stop being polite, and start getting real. Don’t miss Brisbane-based SharePoint MVP Mark Rhodes and New York-based SharePoint MVP & AvePoint Chief Architect Jeremy Thake face off on how to customise SharePoint in an enterprise environment from the perspective of an IT Pro and Developer, respectively. Mark and Jeremy will discuss the main issues that IT Pros and Developers have with regard to customisations, highlighting how the disconnect between the two camps hinders progress and makes daily tasks more difficult. The two SharePoint MVPs will also use real world examples to illustrate their pains and highlight tools and processes that have helped make their lives easier. SharePoint platform upgrade scenarios, patching, updates to developed solutions and much more will be covered in this session. Attendees will leave with a fresh understanding of how customisations typically occur in an enterprise SharePoint environment, as well as how tools and processes can be put in place to make both parties happy and provide a successful platform to the business.