Accessibility in Exchange Online

Microsoft wants to provide the best possible experience for all customers, including customers with disabilities. This article contains links to articles written for people who use the screen reader JAWS from Freedom Scientific or who use Narrator, the screen reader built-in to Windows 10.

These articles provide help that depends only on specified keyboard shortcuts and a screen reader.

Technical support for people with disabilities

Microsoft offers free technical support for people with disabilities in many locations around the world. If you have a disability or have questions related to accessibility, please contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk for technical assistance.

The Disability Answer Desk support team is trained in using many popular assistive technologies and can offer assistance in English, Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. Please visit the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk site to find out the contact details for your region.

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Accessibility help content for the Exchange admin center in Exchange Online

Perform basic tasks

Work with mailboxes

Work with distribution groups

Protect against spam and malware

Configure features

Track content with audit and trace