Fix email delivery issues for error code 5.1.8 in Exchange Online

Problems sending and receiving email messages can be frustrating. If you get a non-delivery report (also known as an NDR or bounce message) for error code 550 5.1.8, this article can help you fix the problem and get your message sent.

Email user icon I got this bounce message. How do I fix it? Email admin icon I'm an email admin. How can I fix this?

Why did I get this bounce message?

You received this NDR with error code 5.1.8 because your account has been blocked for sending too much spam. Typically, this problem occurs because your account has been compromised (hacked) by phishing or malware.

I got this bounce message. How do I fix it?

First, you need to reset your password and scan your devices for malware. However, the hacker might have configured other settings on your mailbox (for example, created Inbox rules to auto-forward email messages or added additional mailbox delegates). So, follow the additional steps in How to determine whether your Office 365 account has been compromised.

Then, you need to tell your email admin that you think your account has been compromised. Your admin will need to unblock your account before you can send email again.

I'm an email admin. How do I fix this?

The sending account might be compromised. You'll need to:

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