Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when you run the Hybrid Configuration wizard

Original KB number:   3067696


When you run the Hybrid Configuration wizard, you receive the following error message:

ERROR: Updating hybrid configuration failed with error 'Subtask CheckPrereqs execution failed: Creating Organization Relationships.
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


The hybrid object is missing from the Active Directory domain. For example, this can occur if the object was deleted.

Resolution 1 - Rerun setup /prepareAD

  1. On the server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server, open a Command Prompt window as an administrator, and then change to the folder in which the Exchange installation files are stored.

  2. Run the following command:

    setup /prepareAD
  3. Restart the server.

  4. Rerun the Hybrid Configuration wizard.

Resolution 2 - Perform an authoritative restore of the hybrid object

Restore the hybrid object that was deleted from the following location:

CN=Configuration,DC=<DOMAIN>,DC=<COM>,CN=Services,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=<ORGANIZATIONAME>,CN=Hybrid Configuration

For more information about how to do this, see Performing Authoritative Restore of Active Directory Objects.

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