Can't apply permissions to public folder subfolders in EAC


When you apply permissions to a public folder and its subfolders by selecting the Apply changes to this public folder and all its subfolders check box in the Exchange admin center (EAC), the permissions are not applied to all or some subfolders.

Screenshot of applying permissions


The issue occurs if the parent folder and its subfolders reside in different public folder mailboxes.


To apply permissions to the parent folder and subfolders of the public folder, use the Update-PublicFolderPermissions.ps1 script.


.\Update-PublicFolderPermissions.ps1 -IncludeFolders "\MyFolder" -AccessRights "Owner" -Users "John", "Administrator" -Recurse -Confirm:$false

This example script does the following:

  • Replaces the current client permissions on the "\MyFolder" public folder and all its child folders for users "John" and "Administrator".
  • Grants "Owner" access rights to the users.
  • Do not request confirmation from the user.


If the public folders are active in Exchange Online, run the script from Exchange Online PowerShell. If they are active on-premises, run the script from Exchange Management Shell on the on-premises server.

The script has detailed help documentation. To view the documentation for the script, run the following command:

Get-Help .\Update-PublicFolderPermissions.ps1 -Full