Windows Virtual Desktop

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Windows Virtual Desktop

FastTrack provides Windows Virtual Desktop deployment guidance to help you onboard to this desktop and app virtualization service with ease while taking advantage of Windows 10 multi-session experience, optimized for Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise with integrated security and management for Microsoft 365.

You work with FastTrack Specialists to:

  • Deploy WVD environment with Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session + Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise using the following:

    • Azure Marketplace Image

    • Shared Image

    • Office Deployment Toolkit (ODT)

  • Configure FSLogix

    • Deploy FSLogix Agent with Profile Container

    • Deploy FSLogix Agent with Office Container

    • Configure FSLogix folder with content exclusions

  • Deploy Microsoft Edge

  • Deploy Microsoft Teams

  • Connect using Windows Virtual Desktop Clients

The following is out of scope

  • Project management of the customer's Windows Virtual Desktop deployment.

  • On-site support.

  • Third-party application virtualization/deployment.

  • Custom images.

  • Migrations and scenarios involving VMware and Citrix.

  • Linux scenarios.

  • Conversion or migrations of user profiles.

Contact a Microsoft Partner for assistance with these services.

You should already have the following:

  • [WVD Licensing Requirements](/azure/virtual-desktop/overview#requirements)

  • Azure Networking:

    • VNET creation & Subnetting

    • Firewall / Network Security Groups

    • VPN / ExpressRoute

    • Routing to Azure from on-premises

    • Firewall rules to allow connectivity to WVD

      • [Docs Reference](/azure/virtual-desktop/overview#supported-remote-desktop-clients)

  • Azure Active Directory General Setup

    • Identity Strategy (Select ONLY 1 of the following 3 options)

      • Active Directory with Azure AD Connect in Azure

      • Active Directory with Azure AD Connect On Premise over VPN / ER

      • Active Directory Domain Services