Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit

The Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit builds on your existing technology investments and provides tools, templates, and best practices that help enterprises launch, execute, and manage freelance programs at scale.

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  • a SharePoint communications site

    Internal communication

    Provide employees with a place to learn about the program, access required training, and review best practices.


  • a Teams conversation

    Team-wide collaboration

    Enable employees and freelancers to work together on files, manage tasks, and communicate across time zones.


  • a PowerBI dashboard

    Data analytics

    Capture, track, and communicate KPIs for your enterprise freelance program.


  • a Visio representation of a workflow

    Workflow automation

    Reduce the need for manual completion of repetitive provisioning, compliance, and monitoring tasks.


Ready to drive discussion?

  • Roadmap

    These videos, infographics, and slides were designed to help you drive stakeholder discussion around how your existing investments in Microsoft 365 can help support an enterprise freelance program.



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IMPORTANT: Each enterprise will need to evaluate and determine its own requirements, including such things as data handling and compliance needs. Enterprises should use their existing Microsoft 365 investments as they determine appropriate based on their requirements and needs.

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