Tools and templates for internal communication

Drive awareness and engagement for your internal stakeholders and adopters through a beautiful SharePoint communication site. SharePoint communication sites aren’t limited to the content on the front page. They are a place on the intranet for your project, team, department, or division to gather and track data, keep everyone up-to-date with news, tasks and deadlines, and connect everyone to all the resources they need across Office 365 and other services through pages, lists, and libraries.

Create your freelance program communication site

Here's an illustration of the home page layout we used:

SharePoint communications site with hero and people web parts

To help you start filling out the resources on your SharePoint communication site, the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit provides the below content as a starting point:

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    Use cases

    Show your employees the kinds of projects they can get done with freelancers.

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    Answer these common questions that your employees might have.

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    Go to our deployment guide, where we have curated industry research reports about freelance work and Enterprise organizations.

Along with the above starting point, refer to best practices to learn what's worked for us through tips on handling internal communication about your enterprise freelance program.

Then start deploying your communication site with our Deployment Guide.

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    Deployment guide

    Use this deployment guide to start deploying your SharePoint communications site.

Customize your freelance program communication site

While the resources included in this toolkit will give you a starting point, there will still be work to create and customize your site so that it reflects the specifics of your enterprise. You can do this work yourself, but another option is to engage a freelancer to help with customization.

Engage a freelancer to help customize your freelance program communication site through the below engagement template:

SharePoint consultant/architect needed to customize a communication site

Looking for a SharePoint Online consultant/architect to set up a portal site that hosts employee communications, documents, and calendar events. Site should be built so that we can leverage features, workflows, checklists, and approvals to enable automation.


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