Tools and templates for team-wide collaboration

The Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit uses your existing investments in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner to help you streamline collaboration between full time employees and cross-functional, multi-geographical freelance teams.

With Teams and Planner, enterprises can manage their freelance collaboration needs, specifically:

  • Communication. Public and private teams for members to engage in discussion.
  • Task management. One place to track project progress and align each team member's assignments.
  • File storage. One place to store shared files and retrieve them through intelligent search.
  • Guest Access. With Microsoft Teams free, freelancers can join and exit your team as needed, with no cost or commitment. Employees can provide freelancers with external guest access to their teams, giving everyone a single place to collaborate on tasks.

For Beth, a training manager at Microsoft managing four full time employees and engaging a continuous flow of freelancers, switching her operations Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner enabled her team to exceed their production goals. Learn how she did this and how your organization can do this with our best practices.

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    Best practices

    Learn what's worked for us with these tips on streamlining collaboration between employees and freelancers.

Then start deploying Teams within your organization.

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    Deployment guide

    Use this deployment guide to start deploying Microsoft Teams for team-wide collaboration within your organization.

The below links are a starting point for using Teams as your one hub for teamwork between full time employees and cross-functional, multi-geographical freelance teams.


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