Real-time analytics - Event History Chart panel

This tutorial offers you an overview of what it is and how to use the Event History Chart panel.


The Event History Chart panel represents the event flow as a chart of events, distributed over a timeline and grouped by time intervals.

To generate events for testing purposes, see the Generating PlayStream Events tutorial for examples of how to post custom events.

In the panel example shown below:

  1. The vertical axis shows the amount of events for each given period of time.
  2. The horizontal axis represents a timeline, grouped by intervals.
  3. The legend is represented as a color map, where each event name is mapped to a certain color.
  4. Events are grouped by intervals into columns. Within a certain interval, events are grouped by name (visually by color).
  5. Hovering your mouse over a color rectangle reveals additional information about that event group.

Event History Chart panel

Tips and tricks

  • It is possible to select an interval in the chart, and adjust the chart to reflect only the selected interval.

    Event History Chart - select interval

  • As an option, you can select event names in the legend, and show or hide certain event types.


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Event History Chart - click event names