Reports quickstart

The Reports page gives you access to various reports composed from events, and broken down by dates.


Before using Reports, make sure you have executed some API calls which have been captured by the Reports system already.

Access reports

To access the Reports page:

  1. Use the side bar menu and navigate to Analytics.

  2. Select the Reports tab.

Game Manager - Analytics - Reports

Reports overview

The example shown below shows an overview of the Reports page.

  1. The first section (1) allows you to filter Reports by Type (Name).

  2. The Report Date (2) column lists the time intervals for all Reports that have been generated. You can select the Date label to access report details for a specific date.

  3. The Report Name (3) column identifies the Report Type uniquely. You can select the Name label to access Reports details for the corresponding Date.

  4. When Report data is available, you can download a CSV representation of the data by selecting Download CSV (4).

  5. When Reports data is not available for a given day (no events that day), the date and name labels will render black, will not be selectable, and downloading as CSV will not be available.

Game Manager - Analytics - Reports

Report Types


The Name column is never selectable on this report, but the Download CSV column will still work if there is data present.