Rewarded ads

Rewarded video ads let your players choose to watch a short video in exchange for an incentive (usually in-game currency, special items, etc). They are a great way of generating revenue, especially for free-to-play games.

What is an ad placement?

An ad placement consists of a list of defined rewards to grant once a player watches an ad. You control the odds of a player recieving a randomized reward by giving each reward a different weight. Additional customization is available by setting a limit on the number of times a player can be rewarded for watching an ad. For example, it's common to set a limit of 3 times per day, per player. This incentivizes players to return to your game day after day.

Addtionally, leverage player Segments to set overrides that allow different groups of players to receive different rewards. For example, reward your VIP players with a special item while other players are rewarded with currency.

Why use rewarded ads?

Rewarded ads create incentives for players to engage regularly with your game and offer them greater control over how they choose to engage with in-game advertising. It can result in players spending more time with the game and promote higher retention.