PlayFab User Generated Content


This feature is currently in public preview. It is provided to give you an early look at an upcoming feature, and to allow you to provide feedback while it is still in development.

PlayFab User Generated Content (UGC) empowers your players to create, upload, and search for moderated content. Designed to provide out-of-the box capabilities that normally require custom work and service expertise to accomplish, our UGC services can enable you to build an engaging creator community around your title in no time! Watch our UGC Game Stack Live video to learn more.

Key features

UGC provides the following key features:

  • Easy-to-integrate APIs to allow you to build your own in-game experiences
  • Moderation built into the publishing pipeline to ensure content is safe and appropriate for your players
  • Search experiences to allow your UGC catalog to scale and players to quickly find interesting content for them
  • Review and reporting capabilities to empower players to keep the quality high

Key concepts

There are a few common terms used throughout the UGC service:

  • Catalog - Catalogs are a place for you to store and manage your content. There are two main catalogs, the draft catalog and the public catalog which store draft and published items, respectively
  • (Published) Items - PlayFab UGC Items are data blobs containing information about a specific item. Published Items are accessible to other players through the GetItems and Search APIs
  • Draft Items - Draft Items are accessible to only the item creater and the Title Entity. Draft Items can become Published Items by calling the PublishDraftItem API
  • Content - Content are the images and files that are uploaded to Items

Limitations and important considerations

Before playing around with the UGC features and APIs, there are a few limitations and important considerations you should know about the service:

  • UGC only supports PlayFab Entities - you will need to use entity-based authentication to utilize UGC.
  • UGC does not work with the existing PlayFab Economy APIs - it is a separate service built on top of a new Economy system (still in private preview).

Getting Started