Multiplayer with PlayFab

Multiplayer action can be a great addition to many games, and PlayFab provides several services focused on multiplayer scenarios:

  • Leaderboards - Track and respond to player activity with statistics and leaderboards.
  • Matchmaking - Deploy custom matchmaking rules to group players quickly.
  • Servers - Dynamically scale custom multiplayer servers in Azure.
  • Party - Connect players with networking and accessible in-game chat.

Leaderboards and Matchmaking are both production services offered in PlayFab Essentials, our core services package, without any additional cost.

Servers is a production service, which costs extra (see Multiplayer Server billing).

Party is a pre-production service still being finalized. It is offered with very limited quota, and is free (for the time being). It will become a premium service when production support is enabled later this year.

Service Production Readiness Billing
Leaderboards Production Included in PlayFab essentials
Matchmaking Production (Preview) Included in PlayFab essentials
Servers Production (Preview) Premium Service - 30% Preview Discount
Party Pre-production (Beta) Premium Service - Free during beta