Configures the transcription options associated with voice chat audio for this chat control.


PartyError SetTranscriptionOptions(  
    PartyVoiceChatTranscriptionOptions options,  
    void* asyncIdentifier  


options   PartyVoiceChatTranscriptionOptions

Options associated with voice chat transcription, such as which chat controls should generate transcriptions for the local chat control, and whether those transcriptions should be translated to the local chat control's language.

asyncIdentifier   void*

An optional, app-defined, pointer-sized context value that can be used to associate the completion state change with this call.

Return value


c_partyErrorSuccess if the asynchronous operation to set the transcription options began, or an error code otherwise. If this method fails, no related state changes will be generated. The human-readable form of the error code can be retrieved via PartyManager::GetErrorMessage().


Transcription is the process of generating strings representing spoken phrases in voice chat. The options specified via options specify the chat controls that should generate these transcription strings, which are subsequently provided to the local chat control via PartyVoiceChatTranscriptionReceivedStateChanges.

Only chat controls configured to use a language that supports transcription, via PartyLocalDevice::CreateChatControl() or SetLanguage(), will provide transcriptions.


Header: Party.h

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