Party members


Class Description
PartyAudioManipulationSinkStream The management class for submitting audio to an audio sink stream.
PartyAudioManipulationSourceStream The management class for obtaining audio from an audio source stream.
PartyChatControl The management class for chat operations.
PartyDevice Represents a device across networks.
PartyEndpoint Represents an endpoint in a network.
PartyInvitation Represents an invitation used to authenticate a user into a network.
PartyLocalChatControl The management class for chat operations related to the local device.
PartyLocalDevice Represents the local device.
PartyLocalEndpoint Represents a local endpoint.
PartyLocalUser Represents a local user.
PartyManager The primary management class for interacting with the Party library.
PartyNetwork Represents a network.
PartyTextToSpeechProfile Represents the voice profile used to synthesize speech.


Callback Description
PartyAllocateMemoryCallback A callback invoked every time a new memory buffer must be dynamically allocated by the Party library.
PartyFreeMemoryCallback A callback invoked every time a previously allocated memory buffer is no longer needed by the Party library and can be freed.


Structure Description
PartyAudioFormat The format information needed to interpret Party audio data.
PartyAudioManipulationSinkStreamConfiguration The configuration information needed to set up an audio sink stream.
PartyAudioManipulationSourceStreamConfiguration The configuration information needed to set up an audio source stream.
PartyDataBuffer A data buffer.
PartyInvitationConfiguration Invitation configuration data.
PartyLocalUdpSocketBindAddressConfiguration The configuration used by the Party library to bind to a UDP socket.
PartyMutableDataBuffer A data buffer that can be modified by the app.
PartyNetworkConfiguration Network configuration data.
PartyNetworkDescriptor A descriptor containing the data required for a device to connect to a network.
PartyRegion Represents a Party library region.
PartySendMessageQueuingConfiguration Optional configuration parameters for modifying local queuing behavior when sending a message.
PartyTranslation A translation.

State changes

State change Description
PartyAuthenticateLocalUserCompletedStateChange Information specific to the AuthenticateLocalUserCompleted type of state change.
PartyChatControlCreatedStateChange Information specific to the ChatControlCreated type of state change.
PartyChatControlDestroyedStateChange Information specific to the ChatControlDestroyed type of state change.
PartyChatControlJoinedNetworkStateChange Information specific to the ChatControlJoinedNetwork type of state change.
PartyChatControlLeftNetworkStateChange Information specific to the ChatControlLeftNetwork type of state change.
PartyChatTextReceivedStateChange Information specific to the ChatTextReceived type of state change.
PartyConfigureAudioManipulationCaptureStreamCompletedStateChange Information specific to the ConfigureAudioManipulationCaptureStreamCompleted type of state change.
PartyConfigureAudioManipulationRenderStreamCompletedStateChange Information specific to the ConfigureAudioManipulationRenderStreamCompleted type of state change.
PartyConfigureAudioManipulationVoiceStreamCompletedStateChange Information specific to the ConfigureAudioManipulationVoiceStreamCompleted type of state change.
PartyConnectChatControlCompletedStateChange Information specific to the ConnectChatControlCompleted type of state change.
PartyConnectToNetworkCompletedStateChange Information specific to the ConnectToNetworkCompleted type of state change.
PartyCreateChatControlCompletedStateChange Information specific to the CreateChatControlCompleted type of state change.
PartyCreateEndpointCompletedStateChange Information specific to the CreateEndpointCompleted type of state change.
PartyCreateInvitationCompletedStateChange Information specific to the CreateInvitationCompleted type of state change.
PartyCreateNewNetworkCompletedStateChange Information specific to the CreateNewNetworkCompleted type of state change.
PartyDataBuffersReturnedStateChange Information specific to the DataBuffersReturned type of state change.
PartyDestroyChatControlCompletedStateChange Information specific to the DestroyChatControlCompleted type of state change.
PartyDestroyEndpointCompletedStateChange Information specific to the DestroyEndpointCompleted type of state change.
PartyDestroyLocalUserCompletedStateChange Information specific to the DestroyLocalUserCompleted type of state change.
PartyDisconnectChatControlCompletedStateChange Information specific to the DisconnectChatControlCompleted type of state change.
PartyEndpointCreatedStateChange Information specific to the EndpointCreated type of state change.
PartyEndpointDestroyedStateChange Information specific to the EndpointDestroyed type of state change.
PartyEndpointMessageReceivedStateChange Information specific to the EndpointMessageReceived type of state change.
PartyInvitationCreatedStateChange Information specific to the InvitationCreated type of state change.
PartyInvitationDestroyedStateChange Information specific to the InvitationDestroyed type of state change.
PartyLeaveNetworkCompletedStateChange Information specific to the LeaveNetworkCompleted type of state change.
PartyLocalChatAudioInputChangedStateChange Information specific to the LocalChatAudioInputChanged type of state change.
PartyLocalChatAudioOutputChangedStateChange Information specific to the LocalChatAudioOutputChanged type of state change.
PartyLocalUserRemovedStateChange Information specific to the LocalUserRemoved type of state change.
PartyNetworkConfigurationMadeAvailableStateChange Information specific to the NetworkConfigurationMadeAvailable type of state change.
PartyNetworkDescriptorChangedStateChange Information specific to the NetworkDescriptorChanged type of state change.
PartyNetworkDestroyedStateChange Information specific to the NetworkDestroyed type of state change.
PartyPopulateAvailableTextToSpeechProfilesCompletedStateChange Information specific to the PopulateAvailableTextToSpeechProfilesCompleted type of state change.
PartyRegionsChangedStateChange Information specific to the RegionsChanged type of state change.
PartyRemoteDeviceCreatedStateChange Information specific to the RemoteDeviceCreated type of state change.
PartyRemoteDeviceDestroyedStateChange Information specific to the RemoteDeviceDestroyed type of state change.
PartyRemoteDeviceJoinedNetworkStateChange Information specific to the RemoteDeviceJoinedNetwork type of state change.
PartyRemoteDeviceLeftNetworkStateChange Information specific to the RemoteDeviceLeftNetwork type of state change.
PartyRemoveLocalUserCompletedStateChange Information specific to the RemoveLocalUserCompleted type of state change.
PartyRevokeInvitationCompletedStateChange Information specific to the RevokeInvitationCompleted type of state change.
PartySetChatAudioInputCompletedStateChange Information specific to the SetChatAudioInputCompleted type of state change.
PartySetChatAudioOutputCompletedStateChange Information specific to the SetChatAudioOutputCompleted type of state change.
PartySetLanguageCompletedStateChange Information specific to the SetLanguageCompleted type of state change.
PartySetTextChatOptionsCompletedStateChange Information specific to the PartySetTextChatOptionsCompleted type of state change.
PartySetTextToSpeechProfileCompletedStateChange Information specific to the SetTextToSpeechProfileCompleted type of state change.
PartySetTranscriptionOptionsCompletedStateChange Information specific to the SetTranscriptionOptionsCompleted type of state change.
PartyStateChange A generic, base structure representation of an event or change in state.
PartySynthesizeTextToSpeechCompletedStateChange Information specific to the SynthesizeTextToSpeechCompleted type of state change.
PartyVoiceChatTranscriptionReceivedStateChange Information specific to the VoiceChatTranscriptionReceived type of state change.


Enumeration Description
PartyAudioDeviceSelectionType Options for selecting audio devices
PartyAudioInputState States of an audio input associated with a local chat control.
PartyAudioOutputState States of an audio output associated with a local chat control.
PartyAudioSampleType Types of Party audio samples.
PartyAudioSourceType Types of Party audio sources.
PartyChatControlChatIndicator Audio states for a target chat control in relation to a local chat control.
PartyChatPermissionOptions Options for defining the communication relationship between two chat controls.
PartyDestroyedReason Reasons an object might be destroyed.
PartyEndpointStatistic Types of statistics that can be retrieved for an endpoint.
PartyGender Genders for text to speech profiles.
PartyInvitationRevocability Options for who may revoke an invitation.
PartyLocalChatControlChatIndicator Audio states for a local chat control.
PartyLocalUdpSocketBindAddressOptions Additional options to control how the Party library binds to the UDP socket specified by the PartyLocalUdpSocketBindAddressConfiguration structure.
PartyLocalUserRemovedReason Reasons for removing a local user from a network.
PartyMessageReceivedOptions Flags describing how a message was received.
PartyNetworkStatistic Types of statistics that can be retrieved for a network.
PartyOption Additional options that can be set to fine-tune Party library functionality.
PartySendMessageOptions Options for controlling how a message is sent.
PartyStateChangeResult Results for operations that generate state changes.
PartyStateChangeType The types of state changes that can occur.
PartySynthesizeTextToSpeechType Types of text-to-speech operations.
PartyTextChatOptions Text chat options.
PartyThreadId Types of threads that Party library uses for internal purposes.
PartyTranslationReceivedOptions Flags describing how a translation was received.
PartyVoiceChatTranscriptionOptions Voice chat transcription options.
PartyVoiceChatTranscriptionPhraseType Types of transcription phrases.