Deploy builds using Game Manager

This topic lists the general steps to deploy/create builds for VMs using Game Manager.

If this is your first time deploying a build, we recommend deploying a build using the Windows Runner C# sample or Wrapper sample because they come with all the assets you need to actually deploy servers.


In order to use and view the PlayFab Multiplayer Servers, you need to enable the feature from Game Manager. For instructions, see Enable the PlayFab Server feature.

For details about the values you can use for each parameter, see Build definition.

  1. Log into your developer account on Go to My Studios and Titles page and select your game title to display the dashboard
  2. Go to Multiplayer > Servers page, select New Build at the top right to create a new build
  3. Use a descriptive string as the Build Name
  4. Select a server with limited free usage, such as Av2 (until July 2021) and Dasv4 (from July 2021) during development
  5. Set a value you want for Servers per machine

Image below shows values used in the info section. Create a new build for Windows game servers

  1. Under Virtual Machine OS, select either Windows or Linux as the platform
  • For Windows platform, select Windows Server Core as the Container image for a simple, straightforward deployment.
  • For Linux platform, you need to create your own container image. For more instructions, see Create and deploy Linux container images. If you have already uploaded a container image, it will appear in the Image dropdown. To use it, select the image.

Image below shows values used in the OS section when you select Windows as the platform. OS section of a new build using Game Manager for Windows game servers

  1. Under Assets, select Upload. Navigate to folder with the compiled PlayFab Multiplayer Server Build and then select the .zip package to upload.
  • For Windows platform, you must upload a PlayFab Game Server Build as an asset. To learn how to create a PlayFab Game Server Build, see Author a game server build. Upload assets to modify and customize the Windows container image.
  • For Linux platform, uploading an asset is optional as the PlayFab Game Server Build can be included as part of the container image. But you must still have a PlayFab Game Server Build.

If you are uploading assets:

  • Set C:\Assets or select a different path as the mount path
  • Set C:\Assets\YourGameServerBuild.exe as the Start Command

Upload assets in Game Manager

  1. For network, set the port number, name, and protocol

Network settings in Game Manager

  1. Under Regions, select the region you want to deploy the servers. Then specify the number of standby and maximum servers.
  2. Select Save to start the deployment process. You will be taken to the build home page. The build will display the Deploying status as show in the image below.

In a couple minutes, your build should be in the Deployed state. This means that servers are deployed and can be allocated. For more information on allocating game servers you can check here whereas you can use the MpsAllocatorSample to experiment with server allocation.

Configure region information

After deploying builds, you can still modify the following parameters.

  • Regions
  • Standby servers
  • Maximum servers

To configure regional settings:

  • Go to the Servers > Builds page
  • Select the build you want to modify
  • On the Regions tab and go to the Servers by region section
  • Add/remove region and modify the server numbers

Deployed builds in Game Manager

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