MpsAllocator sample

MpsAllocatorSample can be found here along with the rest of the MPS samples.

This sample is a simple .NET Core application that allows you to easily call some frequently used MPS APIs, like the ones that list VMs/servers and allocate game servers (RequestMultiplayerServer). In order to use it, you need to have installed .NET Core 3.1 (download here). You can then use either dotnet build command to build an executable for your platform or just run dotnet run to run the application.

You can find more information about dotnet build command here

In order to authenticate to PlayFab APIs, the app needs your PlayFab TitleID and a developer secret key. To get/create a secret key for your title, visit the Settings/Secret-Keys page on the PlayFab developer portal here:<Your_TitleID>/settings/secret-keys. As soon as you have it, you can set them via environment variables (PF_TITLEID and PF_SECRET respectively) or provide them via console input when the application starts.

The app uses the PlayFab SDK via the corresponding Nuget package

Once you run the application, you can choose which API to call. Each API will ask you to provide necessary parameters. Here is the list of the available options:

  • RequestMultiplayerServer: This option will allocate a game server and return its details (IP, FQDN, Port). Successful invocation of this API call will result in a game server's transition from "StandingBy" state to "Active" (more here)
  • ListBuildSummaries: This option will return summaries about your title's Builds
  • GetBuild: This option will return details about the specified Build
  • ListMultiplayerServers: This option will return summaries about game servers in a specified Build
  • ListVirtualMachineSummaries: This option will return summaries about virtual machines in a specified Build
  • GetMultiplayerServerDetails: This option will return details about a specified game server

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