Accessing PlayFab Technical Support

To make integration with PlayFab as seamless and efficient as possible, PlayFab offers a variety of support options ranging from online documentation to live conversations with PlayFab engineers. Different support options are included in each account plan as determined by the tier of the account. Customers can upgrade their accounts to access higher levels of support.

Support Offerings


Purpose: Use the PlayFab documentation to view service offerings, API functionality, and how-to guides.

Minimum Required Account Plan: No account needed, open to the public.

How to access: To view PlayFab documentation, see PlayFab Documentation.


Purpose: The PlayFab Forums provide community based product support. Use the forums to post questions, share answers, and discuss the PlayFab product experience..

Minimum Required Account Plan: No account needed to view, free PlayFab user account needed to post.

How to access: Anyone can read the forums. To contribute, you must sign in with your PlayFab account. To access the forums, visit PlayFab Forums.


Purpose: Use support tickets to report a bug, to understand how to use a particular PlayFab feature, or to request help with a technical problem. Customers with paid accounts may submit support tickets directly to the PlayFab team through the "Contact Us" Page in Game Manager. Accounts on the Standard Plan and on the Enterprise Plan will receive a response within 1 business day.

Minimum Required Account Plan: Standard Account Plan.

How to access: To access the Contact Us page in Game Manager:

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to the Title Overview page of the title needing support.
  3. To access the help menu, select the ? in the top right navigation bar.
  4. Select Contact Us.


Purpose: To provide PlayFab's fastest incident response time to customers on an Enterprise Plan during emergencies by notifying on-call PlayFab engineers.


Emergency escalations should be used sparingly and only in the case of high-impact service errors or outtages.

Minimum Required Account Plan: Enterprise Account Plan.

How to access: The Contact Us page with emergency escalation options can be accessed through Game Manager by Enterprise accounts using the following steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to the Title Overview page of the title needing support.
  3. Select the ? in the top right navigation bar to access the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Contact Us to access the form. For Enterprise customers, the Emergency On-Call Alert option displays after completing the Problem Type and Sub-Type fields.
  5. To submit the ticket, select Yes.

To learn more about upgrading to a paid account plan, see Account Upgrades and Title Launches.