The PlayFab Definitive Guide to LiveOps

At PlayFab, we believe that LiveOps techniques are the single most important reason why great games connect with players, and grow into communities that remain healthy for years.

“The single greatest predictor of success, and of sustainable competitive advantage in this business, is live game operations.”
--Owen Mahoney, CEO, Nexon

This guide is for anyone interested in learning more about LiveOps - whether you’re totally new to the concept, already a practitioner, but want to brush up on some aspects that you’re less familiar with, or you’re an expert.

We hope you find the guide useful, and would love to get your feedback - or contributions - as we refine this guide over time to highlight evolving techniques. Feel free to drop us a line anytime at We’d love to hear from you!

This LiveOps guide has three sections:

  • Part I: Introduction to LiveOps. Part I is a general introduction to LiveOps. If you’re new to LiveOps - or want help convincing others at your studio of the importance of investing in LiveOps - this is a good place to start.

  • Part II: LiveOps Techniques. Part II is a detailed compendium of LiveOps techniques. Here’s where you’ll find an exhaustive summary, with deep-dives into particular techniques.

  • Part III: PlayFab LiveOps Features. Part III lists all the tools and services that PlayFab provides to help you implement the various LiveOps best practices as described in this guide.

Of course, we also have detailed guides, docs, tutorials, and videos that explain things in much more depth; you can find those by visiting our website at, and selecting Docs.