PlayFab Release Notes 2018


Date: 2018-12-18

XPlatCppSdk specific changes

  • XPlatCppSdk -SDK Breaking Change : Updated the folder structure for the XPlatCppSdk repo. If you are using the SDK with project references, an update to vcxproj files path would be required.
    • Adding Xbox support to the XPlatCppSdk. Refer to the C++ quickstart for Xbox.
    • New API
    • Added PlayFabEventApi to support Heavyweight (low throughput) and Lightweight (high throughput) custom events.

UnrealMarketplacePlugin specific changes


Date: 2018-12-04

XPlatCppSDK specific changes

  • XPlatCppSDK
    • Added support to build external dependencies.
    • Updated nuget composition. This is not a breaking change. Added binaries for the external dependencies to the nuget and updated the properties sheet.
    • Bug fixes for QoSAPI.

CSharpSDK specific changes

  • CSharpSDK
    • Added .NET Standard 1.1/2.0 (plus .Net Core) support.
    • Updated nuget composition. The package now contains binaries for .Net Standard 1.1/2.0 and portables also.
    • Migrated VS project files to VS 2017 standard.

UnitySDK specific changes

  • UnitySDK
    • SDK Breaking Change: The SimpleGet success callback signature has changed, and now must accept a new single parameter of a byte[].
    • Added SimplePost.


Date: 2018-11-05

API changes

  • PlayFab now supports login and account-linking with OpenID.
  • Additional XboxLive ID support, and enabling Xbox login via server.

In preparation for wider release of the service, we are rolling out PlayFab Multiplayer Servers 2.0 APIs. See PlayFab Multiplayer Servers 2.0 (Thunderhead) for more information


Date: 2018-10-01

API changes

  • A variety of deprecations have taken effect, and those elements have been removed from SDKs and documentation.
    • Some Admin API methods related to unreleased features have been hidden.
    • server.DeleteUsers deprecation has taken effect.
    • A field deprecation for ServerHostname, spread across a variety of matchmaking related calls in admin, client, matchmaker, and server APIs has taken effect. ServerIPV4Address is the replacement.

UnitySDK changes

  • Minor fixes/improvements to ScreenTime analytics.

All SDKs

  • The automated-build branch structure for GitHub repos is changing.
    • The normal customer facing branches, "versioned" and "master" will be unchanged.


Date: 2018-09-24

API changes


Date: 2018-09-17

API changes


Date: 2018-09-06


  • Localization

New PlayStream event documentation


Date: 2018-08-29

API changes

  • renaming Entity.TypeString to Entity.Type.
  • renaming EmptyResult to [EmptyResponse].(
  • Renamed most Authentication function calls like GameServer to MutliplayerServer.
  • Admin.GetUserAccountInfo has more detailed platform information.

Objective C specific changes

  • Various bug fixes and refactors.
  • Changing AttributeInstallRequest to be API-specific.

Unreal Engine specific changes

  • Adding in UE marketplace plugin to SDK generator.


Date: 2018-08-09

API group changes

  • We have separated the Entity API Group into multiple new API Groups.
  • This is a big SDK breaking change for anybody using the former Entity API.
  • See our Upgrade Guide!
  • (Please note, the links for blog and upgrade guide may not work yet, they're almost done.)

API changes

Unreal (multiple SDKs) Specific Changes

  • Minor updates to both SDKs/plugins leading to a final merge to the Marketplace plugin. (Coming soon!)

PythonSDK! specific changes

UnitySDK and CSharpSDK specific changes

  • UnitySDK and CSharpSDK
    • Added a new structure called Plugin Manager. For now, this is just a foundation for future changes. Some old function signatures have been marked as obsolete, and should be updated. (No breaking changes though).
    • Found and resolved multiple issues with HTTPS.Put, which makes Entity Files more accessible on more platforms.
    • Bug fixes in the ScreenTime feature.


Date: 2018-07-16

UnitySDK changes

  • UnitySDK
    • Fixed minor issues with ScreenTime under some rare circumstances.

CSharpSDK changes


Date: 2018-07-10

Unity hotfix release

  • Further refinements and optimizations to the ScreenTime events.


Date: 2018-07-09

Hotfix release

  • Fixing some minor issues with last week's deployments.
  • Everything in last week's release notes should now actually work as promised.


Date: 2018-07-06

API changes

UnitySdDK specific changes

  • UnitySdDK
    • Screen time tracking, described in the previous release is no longer Beta-only.


Date: 2018-07-05

API changes

New PythonSDK! changes

UnitySDK changes

  • UnitySDK
    • Wrapped some utilities in a namespace to avoid 3rd party conflicts.
    • Editor Extensions should misbehave less, and display fewer warnings.
    • New Feature - read our Sessions tutorial.

JavaScriptSDK changes

  • JavaScriptSDK
    • customData relay parameter should now work for Login functions.

XPlatCppSDK specific changes

  • XPlatCppSDK
    • Large results will now be parsed correctly.


Date: 2018-06-18

API changes

  • Added new error codes in a variety of API methods.
  • Multiple entity-related PlayStream events now describe their EntityLineage.


Date: 2018-05-28

API changes


Date: 2018-05-14

XPlatCppSDK specific changes


Date: 2018-05-07

API changes

UnitySDK specific changes

  • UnitySDK
    • HttpWebRequest certificate validation security has been improved.
    • No longer default to ignoring all certificates.
    • Customers are expected to implement their own certificate validation, or call PlayFab.Internal.PlayFabWebRequest.SkipCertificateValidation().

WindowsSdk specific changes

  • Fixed hundreds of Level 4 warnings.
  • The version number published in PlayFabSettings.cpp has been corrected.
  • Most previous versions will have all had the wrong version number embedded in-code, and in call headers.

XPlatCppSDK has been created

  • XPlatCppSDK
    • Currently in beta.
    • Built using Windows SDK as a template.
    • May become a replacement to Windows SDK (At least several months away).
    • Upgrade should require almost no breaking changes.
    • Some cpprestsdk strings should be converted to std::string.
    • Some web::json::value types have been converted to json::value.
    • timestamps are not fully tested in Linux.
    • NuGet package
    • Uses lighter weight dependencies
    • Specifically jsoncpp and curl, rather than cpprestsdk.
    • Uses std::string everywhere, rather than a mix of 2 string types.
    • Adds Linux Support.


Date: 2018-04-14

UnrealCppSdk HotFix: (UPDATED : This SDK has been deprecated. For the new unreal SDK, please refer to UnrealMarketplaceSDK)

  • Issues were discovered in the Entity API release for UnrealCppSdk. These are hot fixed, and the Entity API should now work as expected.


Date: 2018-04-09

API changes

UnitySDK specific changes

  • UnitySDK
    • Performance improvement for default HTTP settings (UnityWWW), for long-running processes.


Date: 2018-04-03

Unreal SDKs updated to support v4.17 thru 4.19

  • Removing support for UE 4.14 thru 4.16 (Please update!)


Date: 2018-03-29

Unreal SDKs updated to support Entity APIs

  • Sorry for the delay!
  • This release still targets UE 4.17, and not 4.18 or 4.19. We are in-progress working on updating versions.


Date: 2018-03-16

API changes

  • Entities! Blog! Quickstart Guide!
  • All Client login methods return Entity credentials if request.LoginTitlePlayerAccountEntity is set to true.
  • Guilds! Blog! Guide!
  • Error Codes for many API methods updated for accuracy (Dozens!).

New API methods

Most SDKs updated to support Entity APIs


Date: 2018-02-13

API changes

  • SendAccountRecoveryEmail now supports custom account recovery email templates when a custom account recovery email template ID is passed in with the request parameters.
  • All Client Login Mechanisms can now optionally return Entity API credentials. (This is part of a coming-soon feature.)

UnitySDK specific changes

  • UnitySDK
    • We are dropping support for older Unity versions, see our blog post.
    • Build files are now published using Unity version 2017.3.0f3.


Date: 2018-01-31

JavaSDK changes

  • JavaSDK
    • Java is now published to Maven.


Date: 2018-01-29

UnitySDK specific changes

  • UnitySDK
    • Fixing issues with compression.
    • It should be safe to re-enable compression for all versions and all platforms.


Date: 2018-01-23

UnitySDK hotfix

  • UnitySDK
    • PlayFab UnitySDK had an issue with Unity version 2017.1.
    • See the forum post for details.
    • This has been resolved, PlayFab UnitySDK should work for all versions again.


Date: 2018-01-22

API documentation update

  • Error codes updated on many API methods.

CSharpSDK and UnitySDK specific changes

  • CSharpSDK and UnitySDK
    • Adding a PlayFabException class, so that it's easier to catch PlayFab specific exceptions.

NodeSDK specific changes

  • NodeSDK
    • SDK Breaking Change: Require syntax for NodeSDK NPM package changed.
    • Major upgrade focused on NPM package.
    • Formerly require statements did not follow the NPM convention, requiring multiple nonstandard require statements.
    • Now it requires a single require statement, and follows NPM conventions.
    • Major version number changed, this release is now 2.0.
    • 1.x to 2.x Upgrade Guide.

CloudScript example

  • Added TypeScript definitions for the API Error exceptions.


Date: 2018-01-03

LuaSDK specific updates

  • LuaSDK/Defold/Corona
    • Bug fix update.
    • Some platforms were producing a malformed URL which could not be resolved.


Date: 2018-01-02

UnitySDK specific updates

  • UnitySDK
    • Bug fix update.
    • In order to avoid an issue with response headers, compression should be disabled for all device builds. This update makes that possible.
    • Alternately, switching to Web Request will also avoid the issue.
    • A new HTTP option has been added for Unity versions > 2017.