PlayFab Release Notes 2020


API & Documentation Changes:

  • PlayFab API Documentation site has been fully migrated to
    • Most links have been converted to their equivalent links
    • Most original links redirect to the new site properly
    • Let us know in the forums if any old links don't work
  • New api methods:
    • multiplayer.ListServerBackfillTicketsForPlayer
    • multiplayer.GetServerBackfillTicket
    • multiplayer.CreateServerBackfillTicket
    • multiplayer.CancelServerBackfillTicket
    • multiplayer.CancelAllServerBackfillTicketsForPlayer
    • server.UnlinkPSNAccount
    • server.LinkPSNAccount

LuaSdk specific changes:

  • Minor login bugfix

PhpSdk specific changes:

  • Minor syntax fix for strict correctness

UnitySDK specific changes:

  • Update the GitHub repro and project structure.
    • Moving the Unity EdEx package from (UnityEditorExtensions)[] to (UnitySdk)[]
    • In the future, we will also be phasing out the separate UnityEditorExtensions repo