Getting Started

To get started adding Xbox Live functionality to your game, do the following steps in order:

  1. Set up a game at Partner Center.
  2. Set up one of the following IDEs with the Xbox Live SDK, for your target platforms:
    • Visual Studio, targeting UWP, Xbox, Android.
    • Android Studio, targeting Android.
    • Xcode, targeting iOS.

    Creators can use Visual Studio, targeting UWP and Xbox.
    ID@Xbox partners can use all combinations of IDE and target platforms.


  3. Add Xbox Live sign-in code to your game.


Join a program.

1. Set up Partner Center

Get started adding Xbox Live functionality to your game, by setting up an app at Partner Center.

2. Add Xbox Live SDK

Next, set up your IDE to incorporate the Xbox Live SDK.

3. Complete Basic Sign-In

Flow the step by step outlined flows below to reach a point in which a title will be ready to fully implement any of the available Xbox Live features.

Next Steps

After your game is able to sign-in to Xbox Live, add Xbox Live features.