Xbox Live documentation

Xbox Live is a premier gaming network that connects millions of gamers across the world. You can add Xbox Live to your Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, or mobile game in order to take advantage of the Xbox Live features and services.

Get Started - Learn more about which program to join

Explore the current programs offered

  • Learn about each offering and see how each stack up against the other in terms of support, array of features and investment of time

Ready to Develop - Get an IDE Set Up and Explore Xbox Live Features

Set up an IDE and dive into the features that make up Xbox Live - Identity, Social, Achievements, Cloud Storage, Multiplayer and External Services

  • Follow a prebuilt path to success that will lead to being able to integrate and work with any of the Xbox Live features
  • Learn about each feature in detail
  • How to configure the feature in the Partner Center
  • Examples of implementation and how to call a feature

Ready to Publish - Releasing

All the support to publish and support a title post-publish

Quick Links - API References

Lookup materials for API calls, RESTful references, URI and JSON references as well as XSAPI, XAL and Async