Configuring Featured Stats and Leaderboards 2017 in Partner Center

With player data, you only need to configure a stat in two cases:

  • The stat is used as a basis for a global leaderboard, or
  • The stat is a featured player stat that will be displayed on the game hub page.

In either case, you must configure Stats and leaderboards together. Every leaderboard is based on a stat, and you cannot configure a stat without also configuring an associated global leaderboard, even if you do not plan to use a leaderboard for a featured player stat.

You do not need to configure Stats that are not featured player Stats, and are not used by a global leaderboard.

Configure a global leaderboard and an associated player stat

First, go to the Player Stats section for your title as shown below.

Partner Center Featured Stats and Leaderboards configuration screenshot

Then click the Create your first featured stat/leaderboard button, and then fill out this dialog and click Save.

Partner Center new leaderboard dialogue

The Display name field is what users will see in the GameHub.

This string can be localized in the Localize strings section. To see details on how to localize these strings, in the Localize strings section, click Show Options.

The ID field is the stat name and will be how you will refer to your stat when updating it from your title code. For more detail, see the Updating Stats section below.

The Format is the data format of the stat.

The Display Logic offers the choice between Player progression, Personal best, and Counter:

  • Player progression: Represents an individual player level or progression in the game. The last value set is what users will see. For example, position in current round.
  • Personal Best: Represents the current best score a player has posted. The max or min value set depending on sort order is what users will see. For example, fastest lap.
  • Counter: Can be added to other player's to calculate a cumulative number.

The Sort field lets you change the sort order of the leaderboard.

You can also choose to make this stat a Featured Stat, but clicking on Feature on players' profiles.

When you define a player stat, you have the option of checking Featured Stat. Note the following requirements:

Developer Type Requirement
Creators Program There is no requirement to designate any Stats as Featured Stats. You are limited to a maximum of 10 Featured Stats.
Managed Partners You must designate between 3 and 10 Featured Stats.

Next Steps

Next, update the stat from title code; see Updating Stats.